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Student Attendance Procedure During Closures

Attendance During School Closures

     Attendance will be determined through student engagement on a weekly basis. Throughout each week, teachers will provide multiple opportunities for student engagement. The student must demonstrate engagement at a minimum of once a week in order to be counted “present” in each class. Student engagement has a direct impact on learning; therefore, we encourage students to engage with schoolwork multiple times during the week to maximize their learning and achieve the grade needed to earn credit.

     Students receive credit for Flex & Tutoring so teachers will take attendance for these classes.  For flex, students will simply respond to the message from the flex teacher.  Students taking a tutoring class will have a question or two in a tutoring assignment the tutoring teacher posts.

     Teachers will document each student’s engagement throughout a week using the opportunities below. Teachers will use the information collected throughout the week to record attendance in PowerSchool each Friday after 12:00 p.m.  Anything done over a weekend will count toward attendance for the following week.

Student Engagement Opportunities

  1. Active Time Spent– This indicates time a student is active through virtual learning.
  2. Assignments Completed:
  • Assignments submitted by a student that are logged and recorded through the virtual learning program (primarily Canvas at LMS)
  • Assignments submitted directly to teacher through photo or video.
  1. Student Participation: Student participation in “real time” class, small group, or individual learning
    activities through video conferencing.
  2. Communication – This indicates academic-based communication between a teacher and a student or
    the teacher and parent/guardian.

Questions & Answers Regarding Attendance

  1. What does attendance mean for School Closure? School Closure attendance is actually a pretty broad window. Teachers are looking for at least one student engagement event during the week based on the criteria listed above.
  2. Does my student have to log in every morning at 8:00? No. The attendance window covers the entire week until noon on Friday. Teachers will record attendance in PowerSchool each Friday, shortly after 12:00 p.m.
  3. What can parents do to ensure their student will be counted as “present” for the week? Ensure your student is accessing Canvas, engaging in recorded and/or live lessons, submitting work and/or responding to teacher communication. Any of those things will ensure your student will be counted as “present.”
  4. Why is it important for students to engage in school since attendance isn’t taken every day? Lovell High School still has an expectation for passing grades in order to earn credit. This could impact graduation or grade level promotion.
  5. What happens with attendance during a short week (like Spring break)? During the short weeks, attendance will be taken during the final day before vacation starts (for Spring Break that will be at the end of the day on Wednesday, April 8). Plan the week to make sure student engagement takes place before the break begins.
  6. What is the attendance code if my student is marked absent for the week? The new attendance code “AL” means your student was counted absent for the week due to inactivity with a particular class.