Lovell High School Big Horn County School District #2

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LHS Tutoring Opportunities

There are many ways to get help at Lovell High School.

  • Before-School Tutoring in the Library (7:00-7:45, Monday-Friday)
  • FLEX (Monday-Thursday) Please get help where you need it!
  • After-School Tutoring in the following teachers' classrooms (3:30-4:45):
  • Monday- Mrs. Hernandez (RM-130)
  • Tuesday- Mr. Fenton (MRP)
  • Wednesday- Mrs. Kraft (RM-145)
  • Thursday- Mrs. Walker (RM- 129
  • Saturday Tutoring
    • By appointment only (See Mrs. Teter)
  • ACT Tutoring
    • See Ms. Camp or Mrs. Teter for more information