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Mrs. Jeny Gardner » Testing Retake Policy

Testing Retake Policy

Testing Retake Policy-
Essential Worksheets: Each unit students will be assigned an essentials worksheet.  These are to help assess students’ performance on the essential targets of the standard.  Any students who do not score a 70% or higher will be requested during Flex time to be retaught and redo the essential worksheet.   
Vocab Quizzes: Each month students will be taking a vocab quiz.  All students are required to pass the quiz with 100%.  Students will need to make up the quiz until they have achieved a score of 100%.  These attempts will need to be done during flex time.   
Quiz- The retake for the quiz is built into the chapter test. Students will be able to drop the quiz if they show mastery on the chapter test with those standards covered on the quiz.
Group Test- The retake for the group test is the chapter test. Students who perform better on the chapter test will be able to drop their group test score.

Chapter Test-  Student’s will have two opportunities for revision.  All Unit/Chapters will have a group test before the individual chapter test.  Students may replace their group test score with their individual test scores.  Students who would like to improve their performance on the individual chapter test may do test corrections for any questions they missed. Once corrections are completed students have the option of either having the corrections scored for ½ the points back they missed or taking a new chapter test. Students wanting to submit corrections must have 100% of the homework for the unit completed and have scored a 70% or higher on the essentials worksheetStudents who want to do a retake may show 100% mastery of the concepts on IXL instead of doing corrections to do a retake.  IXL topics are determined by the Mrs. Gardner for each unit. IXL is a great option for students who need immediate feedback as it will adjust the problem set based on students answers and offer guided support on problems students get wrong.  Generally, students have 2 weeks following the chapter test to submit the corrections, do IXL work and schedule the retake.  This may be extended if the student is working on the essentials worksheet. Students needing to extend the 2-week deadline must talk to Mrs. Gardner before the deadline is up.  Students can get assistance with their corrections and IXL work from Mrs. Gardner during Flex, during class work time or by arranging a time at lunch before/after school.