Lovell High School Big Horn County School District #2

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Welcome to Lovell High School


Lovell High School is the only high school in Big Horn County School District #2


Current Enrollment: 2022-2023: 238 students

9th grade: 70

10th grade: 58

11th grade: 50

12th grade: 60


Average Class Size: 16.7

Special Education Average Class Size: 1.6

Pupil/Teacher Ratio: 1:12



Principal: 1

Guidance Counselor: 1

Certified Teachers: 20 (5 shared, 2 of the 20 are special education teachers)

Special Education Paraprofessionals: 4

Title I Paraprofessional: 1

Library Paraprofessional: 1


2022 Graduating Class:

Class size: 41

Enrolled in a 4-year college or university: 21%

Enrolled in a community college: 65%

Enrolled in vocational training: 5%

Found employment: 5%

Military service: 4%

Religious service (2 year mission): 


Unique Features:

2021 US News and World Report Bronze Recipient for Best High Schools in the United States


Wyoming Accountability in Education Act Rating:

2021: Exceeding Expectations