Lovell High School Big Horn County School District #2

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Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Vision Statement

We ensure a learning environment where all students can maximize

their given potential to realize their life goals

and become responsible and productive citizens.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Lovell High School is

"Enter to Learn, Leave to Achieve."





The Bulldog Pledge

As Bulldogs, we believe …


Bulldogs show respect:

To all students and staff

For our campus

By being honest and kind


Bulldogs come prepared:

Ready to learn

With homework and materials

Appropriately dressed in school attire


Bulldogs take responsibility:

For their actions and choices

For their own success

For creating a safe environment


Bulldogs take pride:

In their work

In their school

In their diversity


School Song

Hurrah for our ‘ol Lovell High,

May her colors and triumphs wave o’er us,

Her banners will lift to the sky,

In friendship strong and true.

Her team has the zeal and the might,

And we’ll fight and we’ll always be victorious,

Hurrah for our Bulldogs that fight,

Its Lovell now, forevermore, and victory o’er us.

We are the sons of Lovell,

We never raise a fuss,

Our school’s the school, our team’s the team, and victory comes to us,

E pluribus unum, we certainly are,

Yeah coach, yeah team, yeah fight,

Go Dogs!