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Planning Days- September 24, 2018

Planning Days are college fairs hosted at different high schools throughout the state. These fairs are open to high school juniors and seniors and provide an opportunity to meet with colleges, military and other organizations you are interested in learning more about. This is a fantastic time to start your post-secondary search!


Make sure to log-on to the website to register for your personal bar code before the fair. WAO has contracted with College Fair Automation for the use of electronic scanners to be used in collecting your information at the fair. Why go online to register and get your personal bar code? Having the bar code at the fair is great for three reasons: 1) Why waste time filling out card after card that asks the exact same information when you can just hold out your bar code and have the college or military representative scan it? 2) Representatives have not gone through FBI handwriting analysis training and therefore can't always decipher some people's chicken scratch. So to ensure your mail comes to Betty and not Beefy go online and register. 3) This will be your (if you are a high school senior) entry into a drawing for a scholarship!

Ask good questions - As much as we say there are no foolish questions, do you ever find yourself really surprised at some? Example: Student - "Is your college a good school?" I'll give you one guess as to the answer - "Why, yes. We're a great school." Good questions help clarify what is meant by saying they are a good school. Here are some sample questions to get you thinking:

  • What makes your school stand out from others?
  • Do I have to live on campus my first year?
  • What do students at your school like about it? What do they dislike?
  • How many students are on your campus?
  • Why do students choose your school?
  • Are there scholarships for my GPA and ACT score? Are there scholarships for my sport or club?
  • What do students think of the food on campus? (Think about this one, chances are you're going to be eating there a lot)
  • Why would I choose your engineering program over XYZ University?
  • What's your graduation rate? What's your dropout rate?




Lovell High School Counseling Services-


The Guidance Center provides services to students regarding academic, personal/social, career, college, and testing throughout the high school experience.



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